The Turf Doctor has been involved in the Synthetic Turf industry for over twenty years. A common and increasing issue has been Pet urine and odour building up on the synthetic surfaces over time.

Why Does this happen?

When an animal urinates on artificial grass, the urine typically settles in the crushed rock base and the backing mat of the synthetic turf.

Once urine dries, it crystallises forming uric acid crystals which is the source of the urine odour. Uric acid crystals are difficult to remove, simply flushing with water or using vinegar etc will only mask this smell for a brief period of time.

To eliminate the issue at the source you need a product like smellBgone.

“Having worked in the synthetic grass industry for the past 10 years, I have had all types of dealings in regards to pet odour in the grass. Now I direct all my customers and landscapers to use smellBgone. Its easy to install in both the liquid, and granular formulars, and has proven to be 100% effective in nullifying the pet urine odour. Highly recommend using smellBgone in all our synthetic grass installations”.

Jarrod Hodgetts, Director of The Synthetic Grass Project in Cheltenham, Victoria

The Turf Doctor has developed, and been using, two products with different benefits both of which will eliminate the pet urine odour.

The smellBgone liquid product is a bio-enzymatic solution which breaks down the uric acid crystals. It is a bacterial enriched deodoriser that will eliminate the urine smell for good.

smellBgone liquid is recommended for use on surfaces such as concrete, fabric, carpets, wooden floors, tiled surfaces, permanently removing urine odours.


The smellBgone infill is a natural organic product similar to sand in its appearance. smellBgone is ideal for synthetic turf surfaces, it is spread over and into the synthetic grass surface. It then absorbs the urine breaking down the urea and releasing water vapour back into the turf surface.