Pets & Lawns – Pet Friendly Turf

Are you looking to install synthetic lawn grass in your yard area?

As much as we love our pets keeping a natural lawn in good condition can become hard work. A synthetic lawn is a terrific option for pet owners, it removes the issues of muddy yards, it is generally a lot easier to clean up after your pet, it eliminates the issues with dogs digging and of course it is easier to maintain compared to a natural lawn.

The Turf Doctor Australia has been involved in the Synthetic Turf Industry for over 18 years. Initially designing and installing synthetic golf greens and later synthetic sports surfaces and lawns.

Working closely with local manufactures we were at the leading edge of synthetic turf development. During this time we have seen the acceptance of synthetic turf as a lawn surface increase dramatically. With this came some unique issues particularly with pets on turf.

Common issues pet owners face are due to heat, many cheaper products can get extremely hot and a very common issue is the build-up of pet urine.

dog on pet turf

dog on pet grass

To help counter these issues we have been working with a local manufacturer to develop the ideal pet friendly synthetic turf surface.

We believe this product, the Pet Pro Turf 40 synthetic lawn grass will give pet owners years of trouble-free lawn areas.


project 40 pet grass

The benefits of the Pet Pro Turf 40 are:

  • Australian made product with an Australian Manufacturer’s warranty
  • Thick lush yarn layer that will resist ‘flattening” and makes dog waste easier to clean up
  • High pile height which is soft underfoot and cooler to touch
  • Advanced technology backing to eliminate absorption of urine, no more smelly backyards.
  • Extra drainage in the backing resulting in better hygiene
  • Combined with smellBgone infill giving the perfect urine-free lawn surface

The Pet Project system, combining the Pet Pro Turf 40 with the smellBgone infill will give you years of fresh smelling and pet odour free synthetic lawn grass.

If you are looking for the market leading synthetic grass system that is specially designed for pet areas contact us for availability and pricing.

For people who have small balconies or apartments we can supply small 1m x 1m “puppy training pet kits